Rancho Alegre Interview with Rocky Hernandez

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Rancho Alegre's Frank Cuellar and Rocky HernandezRocky Hernandez is a beloved Tejano music legend who very rarely gives interviews and has retired from public performances. Just the mention of his name among Tejano fans or musicians immediately inspires a smile and a great memory, along with, invariably, a mention of his phenomental talent. So you can imagine how honored we were that he agreed to sit down with us to reflect on his life, career and whatever else was on his mind.

Well-known for his incredible voice, charm and charisma, the second to youngest of the famous Hernandez family of Temple, Texas, Rocky has music in his blood. He joined brothers Joe and Johnny in Little Joe and the Latinaires (and later, La Familia), fusing together traditional influences along with contemporary jazz, R&B, and blues to create an iconic sound and contribute to the foundation for Tejano music as know it today. 

Rocky embarked on a solo career in the early 1980s and continued until health reasons required him to slow down and eventually retire. His solo recordings (some are included in this playlist) are still highly soughtafter among Tejano music fans all over the country and beyond. 

Special thanks to Johnny Hernandez and Rudy Ancira for helping making this happen. Rudy also took some fantastic photos of the event, which we have shared on our Facebook page

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