FAQ's - Rancho Alegre Conjunto Festival

Planning on partying with us? Here's how to have a great time...

1. Will there be beer? Yes! We will be selling beer and wine! And sodas and bottled water. All proceeds go to Rancho Alegre.

2. Will there be food? Yes! We will be selling snack bar food: hot dogs, chili dogs, frito chili pies, nachos, chips, etc. All proceeds go to Rancho Alegre.

3. Can I bring my own food? No. No outside food allowed.

4. Can I bring my own drink or bottle? No. No outside drink allowed. 

5. Can I bring a lawn chair? No. The event is indoors and there is seating at tables and in the bleachers. 

6. How much does it cost? It's free admission. 

7. How about parking? Parking is free and there is street parking throughout the neighborhood. We recommend carpooling with friends, or CapMetro or Uber or Lyft. There is a #2 CapMetro bus stop right in front of the venue.

8. How bad is Austin traffic? It is BAD. And it will be especially bad this weekend because of an extra 1 million people in town for the Eclipse and for the CMT Awards. Please plan accordingly.

9. Is the venue ADA accessible for visitors? Yes. ADA parking is limited, but it is very easy to drop off at the entrance and go park in the neighborhood. Our founder is disabled himself, so this is very important to us.

10. Can I bring my children? Absolutely. The event is all ages.

11. Will there be stuff to buy? Yes! We will have our own merchandise to sell and bands will be bringing theirs too.

12. What should I wear? The event is indoors, so you can be fancy if you want.

13. Will there be a dancefloor? OF COURSE!

14. Will there be Wifi? No. 

15. Do photographers and media need credentials? No. Just come on by. Photos and video and sharing on social media are encouraged. However, only bands and staff are allowed backstage or on the stage.

We recommend wearing a mask indoors, but it's not required. Please take whatever precautions you feel comfortable with and understand there is an inherent risk of being around a large group of people. Especially if you are a senior or immunocompromised.

If you have any more questions, email info@ranchoalegre.org

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