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Guess what? We've got a podcast! We're slowly but surely moving our interviews over to podcast-land. Look for us on all the podcast platforms!

Rancho Alegre Podcasts

Over 1800 tracks from all kinds of artists, handpicked by your friends here at Rancho Alegre. Play the ones you like, filter on genre, carry it with you on the go.   

Our interviews further set us apart from everyone else and are part of our mission to preserve Tejano and Conjunto music. They are in-depth intimate discussions with legendary, veteran, and up and coming artists that we have recorded in our travels across Texas. We've talked with everyone from Ramon Ayala to Chano Cadena to Crystal N Crew. We explore their lives and history, adding in music from all phases of their careers. A must-listen for any hardcore fan. 

We also understand that sometimes you like to listen to music picked out by a DJ who really knows their stuff, so we have that too! With these shows, you can join El Parrandero in the studio as he plays the best of our catalog. 

Listen to memories of legendary performers who have passed on, in the words and voices of fellow musicians.

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