The Player's Club: Motion Picture Soundtrack

Various Artists
Not For Sale
Album Tracks: 
  1. We Be Clubbin' -Ice Cube
  2. We Be Clubbin (Remix) -Ice Cube Featuring: DMX
  3. Who Are You Lovin -Ice Cube Featuring: Mr. Short Khop
  4. Same Tempo -Changing Faces
  5. Under Pressure -Kurupt
  6. You Know I'm a Ho -Ice Cube Featuring: Master P
  7. Splackavellie -Pressha
  8. You Delinquent -Mac 10 Featuring: Scarface
  9. From Marcy To Hollywood -Jay-Z Featuring: Memphis Bleek & Sauce Money
  10. Don't Play Me Wrong -Brownstone
  11. Shake Whatcha Mama Gave Ya (But Make Sho Your Niggas Pay Ya) -Mia X
  12. What a Woman Feels -Public Announcement
  13. Don't Worry (My Shorty) -Rufus Blaq Featuring: Spindarella
  14. My Loved One -Ice Cube Featuring: Mr. Short Khop
  15. Get Mine -Mr. Dalvin
  16. Dreamin -Emmage Featuring: Mr. Short Khop & Lil' Mo
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