okay now folks,

here at Rancho Alegre Entertainment, we have started a new site called Tejano-Conjuntopedia, just a site that will tell you a bit of history of your favorite tejano & conjunto bands, and the best thing is, that it is a profile made by the artist's or artist's family members.

this site will be here where you can get your favorite groups booking info, as well as contact info. it will also feature artist's discography and as much inside info that the artist's want to share with you.

as of right now, there are not alot of profiles up, but groups are working on their profiles as of now, and we will be putting them up as we get them.

thanks to all the groups and artist's for their support, and as soon as we get enough profiles up, you will be able to google Tejano-Conjuntopedia and check out your favorite Tejano & conjunto bands.

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