Rancho Alegre Interview - Pico Ramirez

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Pico Ramirez

In this interview from 2013, Rancho Alegre's Baldomero Cuellar sat down with a true Conjunto legend, Jose "Pico" Ramirez. Best known as one of the original members of Ruben Naranjo y Los Gamblers from Alice, Texas, Pico supplied strong but intricate bajo sexto to Naranjo's simple, yet elegant accordion, as well as second voice harmonies that were second to none. This sound made the group famous and their personal interactions with fans made them beloved.

As you will hear in the introduction, this was a very personal interview for Baldomero and one that he planned on re-doing, but he never got the chance. Pico Ramirez passed away on June 3, 2020, leaving behind a legendary musical legacy in Conjunto music, many fans, and a family who loved him very much.

We hope you enjoy getting to know one of the unsung heroes of Conjunto music and hearing some of our favorite classic selections and a couple of his last recordings with his sons.

Track listing
Part 1:
1. Mas Que Pierda La Vida (Album: Si Señor)
2. Te Voy A Comprar (Album: Si Señor)
3. El Mundo Es Mio (Album: Si Señor)

Part 2:
1. La Mujer (Album: Si Señor)
2. Que Tristeza Me Acompaña (Album: Si Señor)
3. Por Esa Calle (Album: Si Señor)

Part 3: 
1. Desprecio (Album: Si Señor)
2. She's About A Mover (Album: Gracias Amigo Ruben)

Part 4:
1. Mi Novia (Album: Mañana Por La Mañana)
2. Oyes Morena (Album: Mañana Por La Mañana)

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