Rancho Alegre Interview - Johnny Degollado

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Rancho Alegre interview with Johnny DegolladoIn July 2012, Rancho Alegre met up with the legendary Johnny Degollado. We had just produced our first Rancho Alegre Conjunto Festival in February and finally got a chance to sit down with the guy who had been producing Austin's only Conjunto music festival for several decades before we came on the scene.

We got to know about the life and musical career of a bonafide Austin music legend and prolific songwriter. From first learning from Camilo Cantu in the 1940s and beginning his professional musical career in the early 1950s to his Austin Conjunto Festival, “El Montopolis Kid” has been a tireless advocate for Conjunto music in his hometown.

He was inducted into the Conjunto Music Hall of Fame in San Antonio in 2014 and has recorded nearly 500 songs over his career, including many of his own compositions. One of his most famous songs, “El Pintor,” became a massive hit for The Hometown Boys and remains one of the most frequently played songs on Tejano music radio. The original is included here.

Every year, we dedicate the Sunday of the Rancho Alegre Conjunto Music Festival to Johnny and the legacy of his annual festival, which always took place on the Sunday of Cinco de Mayo weekend. We are honored to pick up the torch and continue preserving and promoting conjunto for many years to come.

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