Rancho Alegre Interview with Alfredo De La Rosa

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Alfredo De La Rosa interviewed by Baldomero CuellarConjunto music legend Alfredo De La Rosa passed away on April 8, 2022. A member of one of the most storied and influential musical family dynasties in Texas music, Alfredo spent many years playing with brothers Tony and Adan and sister Eva as well as with his own Conjunto. His style was steeped in the classic Conjunto of the Coastal Bend: a clean, straightforward sound driven by a strong, unrelenting beat and equally strong vocals, perfect for the dancehalls of South Texas.

In 2012, Alfredo underwent a successful, life-saving liver and kidney transplant, however, he retired from public performances several years later.

Thanks to his son Rick, we were fortunate to sit down with the legend himself and learn about his life, career, and more. The interview is in Spanish with our very own Baldomero Cuellar. We have also chosen a few tracks from his vast catalog to accompany the interview.

Recorded September 2017 at Alfredo's home in Kingsville, TX.

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