Interview with Jessy Serrata - Aw, Baby!

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Orquesta. Tejano. Conjunto. Steve Jordan. Conjunto Bernal. Tuff Band. Oskar Hernandez. Los Chachos. Los Buenos. New Wave. Country music. Ruben Ramos!

Those are just a few key words from our interview with Tejano legend Jessy Serrata. Mr. Iron Throat himself sat down with our own Baldomero "El Parrandero" Cuellar for an energetic and wide-ranging interview. 

Sadly, this was the last time we would see him. Jessy Serrata passed away today, August 4, 2017, at age 63.

We were honored that the veteran solo artist, bass player and vocalist, collaborator, and former member of such great groups as Los Buenos, Tuff Band, Conjunto Bernal, Direccion and more, made time for us before what turned out to be his last gig in Austin, at the Tropicana Bar and Grill. A couple of months after this interview, he was diagnosed with cancer.

We hope you enjoy getting to know one of Tejano's best talents in this candid interview. A great vocalist with a distinctively smooth growl (hence the nickname), bass player and prolific collaborator. Jessy Serrata wore his love for La Onda on his sleeve and he cared deeply for the music and its fans. His affection showed through in every performance, every smile and every recording.

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