Interview with Flaco Jimenez

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Frank and Flaco What can you say about the one and only, the legendary Flaco Jimenez?

Flaco's been everywhere, played alongside nearly everyone and is a multi Grammy Award-winning international superstar, former Texas State Musician and NEA Fellow.

Get to know Flaco as you may have never heard him before in this intimate interview with our own Baldomero "El Parrandero" Cuellar, which we recorded at Janie's Record Shop in San Antonio in August, 2016. Many thanks to Rudy Ancira of the Tejano Music Alliance of Texas for joining us and documenting the interview.


The first four tracks are from his early work, and he talks about his first recordings and when he was first starting out as a musician. In the second six, we get to hear a little about his career as an international superstar and his experiences with Ry Cooder, the Rolling Stones & Buck Owens, and his thoughts about innovation in traditional music like Conjunto.

These shows were broadcast in in two parts on our show on KOOP 91.7FM in Austin: Part 1 on 8/29/16 and Part 2 on 9/5/16.

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