Interview with David Farias

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Back in June 2016, Rancho Alegre sat down with the one and only David Farias for an in-depth interview at Janie's Record Shop. We found him to be engaging, charismatic, funny and very candid about his life and career. 

David played accordion with his brothers for over three decades in the family conjunto Los Hermanos Farias, which later became Tejano powerhouse La Tropa F. Throughout the 90s, La Tropa F went toe to toe with David Lee Garza, Selena, Ram Herrera, Emilio, Mazz and La Mafia during Tejano's commercial heyday with big hits like "Juan Sabor," "El Arco Iris" and "Tocando Puertas." 

After splitting with his brothers, David joined forces with bajo sexto master Max Baca in Los Texmaniacs. The group traveled the world, proselytizing on behalf of Conjunto and their stellar collaboration and musical chemistry yielded some fantastic tracks. Borders y Bailes was an especially strong effort and earned them the Grammy award for Tejano Album of The Year in 2010. 

Today, David has branched out on his own as a solo artist. His latest album, Volando Alto, on VMB records, is available online and at your favorite Tejano record shop. 

We really enjoyed getting to know the man behind that distinctive voice and unmistakable, precise accordion on so many of our favorite songs and we know you will too.

You are also invited to come see David in Austin for an intimate evening as you don't usually see him: puro bajo sexto y acordeón. There will be also be an opportunity for Q&A at this unique, up close and personal show, kicking off our Sunday Tardeada series at One-2-One Bar, Sunday July 2nd from 6-8 p.m., $7 cover. 

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