Rancho Alegre Conjunto Festival Artist Spotlight: Conjunto Puro Corazon

Conjunto Puro CorazonLike their name implies, Conjunto Puro Corazón is all heart. The group chose the name because their members all perform this soul-pleasing roots music from the heart when entertaining audiences in and around San Antonio, Texas. Conjunto Puro Corazón is also a unique supergroup of sorts not seen very often in conjunto. Many view Conjunto Bernal's harmonization of two accordions as visionary.

Rancho Alegre Conjunto Festival Artist Spotlight: Gilberto "Chore" Perez Jr.

Gilberto Chore Perez JrGilberto "Chore" Perez Jr. is a native of the Rio Grande Valley. Perez is the namesake of one of the most respected accordionists in la onda, Gilberto Perez Sr. As Chore was growing up, he didn't really get to know his father too well as Gilberto Sr. was actively touring during those years. Time with family is a sacrifice many musicians make in order to bring home income to sustain the household.

Rancho Alegre Conjunto Festival Artist Spotlight: Michelle

Michelle ChelMichelle has never been a stranger to the music business. Her uncle is well-regarded music producer and engineer, Rick Garcia. He and his brother Roland Garcia along with Roland's wife, Annie, founded Hacienda Records (Corpus Christi, Texas) in 1979. Michelle is the current CEO of Hacienda. She's definitely the boss, but she can also relate to her talent roster and their experiences on their respective musical journeys. 

Rancho Alegre Conjunto Festival Artist Spotlight: Nick Villarreal

Nick VillarrealNick Villarreal was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. A member of the Zimmerle family, well-known for their musical talent, it was almost inevitable that Nick would continue in his family's footsteps. Nick's first music teacher was his grandfather, James Zimmerle, who first taught Nick how to play the accordion at 5 years old. James then moved on to teach his grandson how to master el tololoche, bajo sexto, and drums.


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