Special Little Joe Programming on Compadresmusic Begins July 17th

In honor of Little Joe's big street-naming celebration this Saturday in Temple, Texas, Rancho Alegre has partnered with our compadres at Compadresmusic.com for an awesome week of special programming. Tune in to Compadresmusic this week for our 2012 in-depth biographical interview with Little Joe and our latest update recorded last week.

As usual, the King pulls no punches and goes deep on every topic. It's a must-listen for all Tejano, Texas music, Chicano Music, Orquesta and music fans in general.

Tuesday 7/17/18 - 11am & 7pm CDT - 2012 Interview & Music
Wednesday 7/18/18 - 11am & 7pm CDT - 2018 Interview & Music
Thursday 7/19/18 - 11am & 7pm CDT - Both Interviews & Music
Friday 7/20/18 - All day Interviews & Music

To listen, download the Compadresmusic app, go to compadresmusic.com, or listen through Rancho Alegre's app under "our favorite streams."

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