Rancho Alegre Interview with Shelly Lares

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Interview with Shelly Lares

In June 2019, Rancho Alegre finally caught up to Little Miss Dynamite herself, Shelly Lares. We had been after her since we first started doing interviews in 2011 and the stars finally aligned and our schedules finally allowed for us to finally meet.

And let's just say that the award-winning, hard-working musician, vocalist, entrepreneur, producer, arranger, bandleader, songwriter, and record label exec did NOT disappoint.

With nearly 35 years in the business, Shelly has truly seen it all. The always-candid Lares talked about everything from her very first public performance and recordings, how she writes music, the peaks and valleys of success, telling off a CBS executive, starting her own record label, and so much more.

This is a must-listen for music nerds, Shelly fans, and everyone in between. Also included here are tracks from Shelly's latest album, "Obra de Amor," which is now available on all digital outlets and on CD.

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