Leaving Las Vegas: Motion Picture Soundtrack

Various Artists
Not For Sale
Album Tracks: 
  1. Intro (Dialogue) -Nicolas Cage Featuring: Elisabeth Shue
  2. Angel Eyes -Sting
  3. Are You Desirable -Mike Figgis Featuring: Nicolas Cage
  4. Ben & Bill -Mike Figgis
  5. Leaving Las Vegas -Mike Figgis
  6. Sera's Dark Side -Mike Figgis
  7. Mara -Mike Figgis
  8. Burlesque -Mike Figgis
  9. On The Street -Mike Figgis
  10. Bossa Vega -Mike Figgis
  11. Ben Pawns His Rolex Sera Talks To Her Shrink -Mike Figgis
  12. My One and Only Love -Mike Figgis
  13. Sera Invites Ben To Stay -Mike Figgis
  14. Come Rain or Come Shine (Live) -Don Henley
  15. Ben and Sera -Mike Figgis
  16. Ridiculous -Nicholas Cage
  17. Biker Bar -Mike Figgis
  18. Ben's Hell -Mike Figgis
  19. It's a Lonesome Old Town
  20. Blues For Ben -Mike Figgis
  21. Get Out -Mike Figgis
  22. Reunited -Mike Figgis
  23. Sera Talks To The Cab Driver
  24. She Really Loved Him -Mike Figgis
  25. I Won't Be Going South For a While -The Palladinos
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